• jd hegarty


    jd hegarty is a mixed race, non-binary, trans-feminine, half deaf poet, anarchist, and sunflower


  • publications

    the clearest blue

    January 2020

    Self-published Poetry Chapbook with illustrations by Sarah Allen Reed


    pay what you want pdf



    Moonflake Press

    October 2022

    nostalgia is a body of water,” Poem

    just femme & dandy

    July 2022

    femme fatale final girl (with lines from heathers 1989),” Poem

    Ghost City Press

    March 2021

    The Thing About Turning Thirty During A Pandemic,” Poem

    You Flower / You Feast

    August 2020

    that summer feeling // the shape of your lips,” Poem

    Vagabond City Lit

    July 2020

    Strawberries,” Poem


    June 2020

    woman enough” & “In Search of an Exit,” Poems

    45th Parallel

    May 2020

    Carrying Back,” Poem


    March 2020

    I Put the X in Sex” & “Resolution,” Poems

    Rough Cut Press

    January 2020

    Poem In Which Secrets Are Revealed,” Poem


    December 2019

    Thunderstruck” & “Virgo Season,” Poems


    December 2019

    Geographic” Poem

    Name & None

    November 2019

    Lycanthropy as a Trans Metaphor



    Issue 3.2 Summer 2019

    Putting the Cat on Meds II” & “Translation” Poems

    Build DSA

    July 2019

    Human Resources,” Poem

    Build DSA - The Socialist Feminist Issue

    April 2019

    "Big Witch Energy


    Crab Orchard Review

    March 2019

    Barriers to Entry” 


    Chronotope Magazine

    February 2019, Issue 1

    Existence as Revolutionary Praxis”


    The Financial Diet

    December 2018

    "Here’s What My Gender Transition Is Costing Me At 28"


    Mortar Magazine

    June 2018

    "The Body Problem"

    Lyric Essay

    Red Bird Chapbooks

    May 2017

    On Passing

    Poetry Chapbook

    White Stag

    October 2016

    Articles” & “On Mishearing Immaculate for Unmasculine,” Poems

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